Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tentative Agenda for September 28, 2009 - Monday 10-11:00 a.m SARSAS Meeting 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603 (The Domes) Jack at 530 888 0281

I. Self- introductions
II. SARSAS Philosophy – We believe by working together many people and agencies at
the same table we can make progress working collaboratively to make AR navigable
for anadromous fishes
III. Update of Information for SARSAS from Attendees
A) Placer Legacy – Loren/Edmund - Update HH/LGSDam Retrofits/timeline
B) Jennifer Perreira for Robert Weygandt, Placer BOS – Update on County Waste
Water Plans
C) Mike Harrison, Ecologic – Update on Auburn Waste Water Treatment Plant
D CABY – Katie Burdick – Western Plan County Streams Planning
E) Don Tanner, NOAA/Mark Jeter, DFG - AR Oversight
F) John Williams, American Civil Constructors – LOSC President, Update
G) Gary Hengst, General Manager, LWWTP, - Update of Operations
H) William Morebeck – Placer Co Ag Board
I) Reports from Water Districts, Councilmen, Supervisors
IV. Old Business
A. Stan Nader – Contacting Legislators
B. Scott Johnson – Constant Contact
C. Bill Jacobsen/Ty Gorre – Calling Back the Salmon Progress for Lincoln Salmon
D. John Rabe – Possible Stream Restoration Projects/RWB Tour of AR
E. Cathie DuChene – Completing SARSAS portfolio
F. Arry Murphey-Frank – Connecting with Obama Administration
G. John Rabe/Bill Christner, Ecorp –
V. Updates from SARSAS Members
A. Jack – State of SARSAS – Meeting with Ron Nelson
B. Kathie Harris – Auburn Chamber of Commerce
C. Greg Nelson – Wine Tasting/Pescatori Winery Dinner
E. Gary Mapa/Charity/Arry/Cathie DuChene - Roster updates and website,
F. John Rabe/Cathie DuChene – SARSAS Folder/Brochure
G. Stan Nader –Salmon Festival in
Lincoln/Connecting with State legislators
H) Cathie DuChene – Grant Writing Updates
I. Arry Murphey-Frank – Connecting with State/Feds
VI. Other Announcements
VII. New Business/Agenda Items for Next Meeting?
VIII. Meetings are Fourth Monday of each month – Next Meeting is, Monday, October
26, 2009, 10-11 a. m. Entire meeting is devoted to Four Water Districts --Kevin
Goishi, PGE, Ron Nelson, NID,Andy Fecko, PCWA and Brad Arnold, SSIR have
been invited to update their operations and tell us how SARSAS can help them.

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