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Part I. Strategic Plan

VISION STATEMENT: Restore Salmon and Steelhead to the Auburn Ravine

MISSION: It is the mission of the SARSAS Board to work in a collaborative MANNER with all individuals, groups and government organizations in order to restore salmon and steelhead to the entire length of the Auburn Ravine

1. To RETROFIT FOR FISH PASSAGE all barriers impeding salmon and steelhead migration within the Auburn Ravine
2. To install screens on all downstream irrigation pumps and ditches
3. To study the feasibility of fish passage from the Auburn Ravine Cataract to the headwaters of the Auburn Ravine
4. To develop a strong support coalition through collaborative efforts
5. To restore stream bed and banks along the Auburn Ravine
6. To develop educational and marketing programs for the public at large regarding the development and maintenance of a healthy Auburn Ravine
7. To provide water necessary to support a healthy salmonid population
8. To assist in efforts increasing a healthy salmon population in the Pacific Ocean
9. To locate funds necessary to accomplish the goals of SARSAS

1.a By October of 2008 identify and provide an action plan for the RETROFITTING FOR FISH PASSAGE of each flashboard dam by October 15th of each year.
1b. By June 1st, 2009 establish the core group of individuals and groups or entities that will assist in the planning, implementation and completion of the restoration of salmon and steelhead to the Auburn Ravine
1c. By August of 2010 reTROFIT FOR FISH PASSAGE the NID gauging station and the NID Hemphill Dam
1d. Develop an action plan during 2010 with the assistance of NID that will provide the planning, funding and resources necessary to provide fish passage at the Gold Hill Dam
1e. During the fall and winter of 2009/2010 develop a plan to mitigate fish passage issues caused by beaver within the Auburn Ravine

2. By September of 2010 implement a fish screening installation on all side ditches along the Auburn Ravine thus preventing the diversion of Smolt from the Auburn Ravine on their journey to the Sacramento River AND EVENTUALLY THE PACIFIC OCEAN
3. By September of 2010 provide $30,000.00 for a fish passage feasibility study inclusive of the area from the Auburn Cataract to the headwaters of the Auburn Ravine
4. During 2008 and culminating by June of 2009, identify and select a SARSAS
Board of Directors and identify coalition individuals, governmental bodies, and

other groups who will support and work to achieve the mission, goals and objectives of the SARSAS Strategic Plan.

5. Develop a plan addressing the streambed and bank restoration needs of the Auburn Ravine. Planning to be completed by August of 2011

6. During the period from January 2009 to September 2010 the SARSAS Board will develop and implement community outreach education programs for the general public. These programs will focus upon the SARSAS mission, goals and objectives.

7. By April 2010, the SARSAS Board will identify a source(s) of water sufficient to support salmonids in the Auburn Ravine. The SARSAS Board will establish meetings with Nevada Irrigation District, Placer County Water District, Pacific Gas and Electric and the State Water Board to NEGOTIATE necessary water during the fall of 2009.

8. During the entire life of the SARSAS organization, the goals and objectives will center primarily upon the restoration of salmon and steelhead to the Auburn Ravine with secondary goals and objectives assisting in the restoration of healthy salmonid populations within the California Pacific Ocean boundaries.

9. During the period from January 2009 through June 2011, the SARSAS Board
will seek and locate funds necessary to support the goals and objectives of the
organization through various fund raising efforts, individual donations, business
sponsors and grants.

10. The SARSAS Board will develop and implement a marketing plan beginning in
The fall of 2009 to be completed by March of 2010. The plan shall include the development of a brochure, multiple power point presentations, a folder, an online newsletter, the use of Twitter, Facebook and other viable online sources, public presentations, newspaper articles, television news and other public forums.

11. During the period August 2009 through December 2009, the SARSAS Board will develop and implement a plan to assure the involvement of key agencies IN THE SARSAS MISSION. Agencies will be identified and focus meetings will be established with the agencies and the SARSAS Board in order to develop quality long term relationships focused upon the SARSAS mission.

12. SARSAS shall develop and implement a plan for monitoring water flow (CFS),
water temperature, water quality to include PH testing and organic material in
order to assure quality spawning conditions for all fishes. Monitoring locations
shall be determined, and at least three sites will be established. Monitoring to
begin during the winter and spring of 2009/2010.

13. The president of SARSAS shall establish a meeting with each individual
SARSAS Board member in order to determine each board members’ strengths
and desires, then develop plans with each member to assist in making SARSAS assignments specific to the SARSAS mission and strategic plan.
Timeline to span October 2009 through November 2009 with periodic updates.

14. During 2009/2010, SARSAS will develop and nurture working relationships
with key state legislators and the Governor in order to secure the support for legislation and support for the SARSAS Plan in order to secure an ongoing commitment for restoration of Salmon and steelhead in California’s streams
and IN the Pacific ocean bordering the state.

15. Complete a SWOT, and Strategic Plan by August of 2009

16. The SARSAS Board will work with representatives of the City of Lincoln,
native American groups, interested service organizations, business sponsors
and other interested parties in order to hold a SARSAS Salmon Festival WITH A CALLING BACK THE SALMON CEREMONY in the City of Lincoln in October of 2010.

17. The SARSAS Board shall strive to focus upon scientific data in order to meet
its mission. To that end, SARSAS shall reach out to the scientific community
in order to secure knowledge and information relevant to its goals, objectives
and Strategic Plan.


OBJECTIVE 1 a: GOALS 1 and 8
Project: Removal of flashboard dams on or before October 15th of each year
Responsibility: Owners of flashboard dams. NOAA and F&G- inspect for
removal and or notice to remove by officer.
Timeline: Annually on or before October 15th
Funding: Cost neutral

Project: SARSAS board has identified and established working relationships
with major stakeholders.
Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timeline: Ongoing
Funding: Cost neutral

OBJECTIVE 1 c: Goals 1-2-4-7-8-9
Project: Work with NID and Placer Legacy in order to develop plans and
funds necessary to retrofit Lincoln gauging station and Hemphill Dam.
Responsibility: Nevada Irrigation District. District will do both retrofits as state funds are released. Originally scheduled for summer 2009 but due to state funding issues, bond monies were not released.
Timeline: Summer 2010
Funding: State bond funds

OBJECTIVE 1 d: Goals 1-2-4-7-8-9
Project: Retrofit Gold Hill Dam with fish ladder ands screens
Responsibility: Nevada Irrigation District
Timeline: Uncertain 2010-2014
Funding: None to date. NID

OBJECTIVE 1 e: Goals 1-4-5-6-8-9
Project: Working with the City of Lincoln, local property owners and
appropriate water agencies, reduce the number of beaver dams on the Auburn Ravine. Remove and relocate beavers as necessary. Work with
citizens groups in order to educate the general public regarding beaver issues and potential solutions.
Responsibility: SARSAS, City of Linclon, water agencies
Funding: Grants, city funds, water agencies, SARSAS fundraising

OBJECTIVE 2: Goals 2-8-9

Projects: 1. Install appropriate screens on all irrigation ditches within the Ravine.
2. Notify all water users who have irrigation ditches of the issues related to
smolt and trout when ditches are not screened.
3. Develop grants that in part will provide funds for screening projects.
4. Provide water users with information that links unscreened ditches to the
Loss of smolt and trout in the Auburn Ravine.
5. Seek funding partners
6. Seek screening enforcement when necessary.
Responsibility: Water agencies, farmers, SARSAS, enforcement agencies.
Timeline: 2010-2012
Funding Sources: Grants, water agencies, water users
Cost: To be determined

OBJECTIVE 3: Goals 1-3-4-5-6-8-9-

Project: Raise $30,000.00 to be used for a feasibility study for fish passage from the
Auburn cataract to the headwaters of the Auburn Ravine.
Responsibility: SARSAS
Timeline: 2009 to September 2011
Funding: SARSAS fundraisers and donations

OBJECTIVE 4: Goals 1-9

Project: Establish a nine member working board and identify coalitions and partners.
Responsibility: SARSAS president and board members
Timeline: June 2009
Funding: None

OBJECTIVE 5: Goals 4-5-6-8-9

Project: Identify the ten highest priority areas in need of streambed and bank restoration
and establish projects, timelines, volunteers and funds necessary to accomplish
restoration projects.
Responsibility: SARSAS, landowners, Placer Legacy, NOAA, Fish & Game
Timeline: August 2011
Funding: To be determined

OBJECTIVE 6 Goals 4-6-9

Projects: 1. Develop power point presentations
2. Develop a video for presentations
3. Develop presentations materials e.g. faq’s

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timeline: June 2009 through September 2010 and beyond as necessary
Funding: $3000.00 to $4,000.00 SARSAS fundraisers and donations

OBJECTIVE 7: Goals 7-8-9

Project: 1. Work with appropriate agencies to determine the source of water and when it
is needed in order to assure sufficient water to support salmon, steelhead and
trout in the Auburn Ravine.
2. Establish meetings with PG&E, PCWA, NID and representatives of the state water board to accomplish the objective.

Responsibility: SARSAS and appropriate agencies
Timeline: August 2009 – April 2010
Funding: To be determined

OBJECTIVE 8: Goals 1-9

As the goals of SARSAS are met, there will be a corresponding increase in the California Pacific Ocean salmonid population.

Project: Meet with fishing industry representatives to demonstrate the SARSAS plan for
restoration as well as its application in other streams feeding the Sacramento
and San Joaquin Rivers in order to gain industry support and Pacific Ocean
salmonid restoration.

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Funding: None
Timeline: February 2010


Projects: 1. Write grants
2. Establish SARSAS fundraisers
3. Locate donors
4. Seek business sponsors

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Funding: None
Timeline: 2008…ongoing

OBJECTIVE 10: Goal 6

Projects: 1. Develop Portfolio
2. Develop brochure 8X11 tri-fold
3. Update power point presentation
4. Develop on line newsletter
5. Post on Facebook, twitter and other internet sites
6. Continue public presentations
7. Develop media information for radio, television and newspapers
8. Develop a video presentation

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timeline: August 2009 through March 2010
Funding: $6,000.00

OBJECTIVE 11: Goals 1-2-4-6-7

Projects: Identify Key agencies 8/08- 10/09
Establish focus meetings 9/09-4/2010

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Funding: None

OBJECTIVE 12: Goals 6-7-8-9

Projects: 1. Purchase hand held monitoring devices
2. Train volunteers for monitoring
3. Monitor weekly/monthly beginning October 2009
4. Select three locations for monitoring
5. Develop data base for collected information

Responsibility: SARSAS Board and monitoring volunteers
Timeline: 10/2009- 10/2012
Funding: Approximately $1,600.00 for equipment

OBJECTIVE 13: Goal 4

Project: SARSAS president shall meet with each Board member to determine
individual strengths and interests and make board assignments as necessary

Responsibility: SARSAS president
Timeline: 10/2009—11/2009
Funding: None

OBJECTIVE 14: Goals 4-6-8-9

Projects: 1. Establish meetings with at least one key member of the senate and assembly
2. Meet with key leader and accomplish the following:
a. Present SARSAS plan
b. Solicit support for 503 c. legislation {simplify }
c. Gain support for SARSAS plan expansion across the north state
d. Expand support to other legislators
e. Get legislative resolutions from both houses
f. Explore legislation for salmonid restoration

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timelines: September 2009- May 2010
Funding: None

OBJECTIVE 15: Goals 1-9

Project: Complete a SWOT and Strategic Plan

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timeline: August 2009
Funding: None

OBJECTIVE 16: Goals 4-6-8-9

Project: Develop a Return of the Salmon Festival in the City of Lincoln

Responsibility: SARSAS Board, City of Lincoln, Chamber of Commerce, Native
American groups, and other interested parties or individuals identified by SARSAS.
Timeline: October 2010
Cost: To be determined

OBJECTIVE 17: Goals 1-9

Project: Reach out to the scientific community to establish factual scientific facts and
information to help guide the SARSAS Board in achieving its mission, goals
and objectives.

Responsibility: SARSAS Board
Timeline: Ongoing
Funding: Not required

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