Monday, October 4, 2010

Brainstorm Session on How to Get the Salmon From Wise Powerhouse on Tuesday, October 19 at 1pm at the Domes, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn CA95603

All interested people are invited to take part in a Brainstorming Session exploring how the Auburn community can get salmon from Wise Powerhouse to Auburn. Salmon are not yet to Wise Powerhouse but will be there shortly so advanced planning is imperative.

SARSAS will show a brief power point presentation describing the Auburn Ravine streambed and riparian habitat from Wise Powerhouse, along Ophir Road which the Auburn Ravine goes under three times, and the culvert where Auburn Ravine goes under Highway 80 and under Historic Auburn behind Courthouse Coffee and under Auburn Folsom Road, to Auburn School Park. The north fork of Auburn Ravine runs along Auburn Ravine Road and passes Ashford Park.

The meeting will begin at 1 pm, Tuesday, October 19, at the Domes, 175 Fulweiler in CEO 1. Please bring your thoughts and ideas and share them for the advanced planning.

Please respond to to RSVP.