Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scouting the Auburn Ravine with Nephew Greg and His Daughter Madalyn

Auburn Ravine Salmon Update 1/29/2007

My nephew Greg Nelson and his daughter Madalyn and I drove to Verona on the Sacramento River today and saw where the Cross Canal (CC) empties into the Sacramento River. We talked to a workman who said at least four streams empty into the CC, Auburn Ravine (AR), Pleasant Grove Creek, Coon Creek and Markham Creek. We drove east of Sankey Road to Highway 99 and headed north to East Catlett Road but did not immediately see the Auburn Ravine which should have been obvious. We turned around and drove south on 99 to the off ramp to CC and walked down it for about half a mile along the south levee. CC is bordered by a levee on each side. The water is deep and fast flowing with much bird life including the largest blue heron I have ever seen, quail, and many egrets.

It appears as though the Auburn Ravine flows into a canal or pipe/culvert west of Pleasant Grove Road. This is speculation at this point, and we will check out this area on our next trip. We could not discern how the AR connected to CC.

Next trip we will take bikes and ride the levee on CC from 99 to the mouth at Verona. The roads are posted and close to motorized vehicles with sign indicating permission from Bureaus of Reclamation, Section 1000 is needed to enter. We will take fishing poles and see what fish currently live in CC. Also, we will try to determine the course of the AR into the CC.

Much fun especially since we stopped for an ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery on the way home. M had chocolate with MM’s immersed, Greg had plain cake dough and I had vanilla bean with pecans. What a great way to end a beautiful outing.

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