Sunday, March 23, 2008

SARSAS Action Plan -How to Make Auburn Ravine Navigable for Salmon and Steelhead

SARSAS Action Plan
Derived from “Fisheries Resources”,
Auburn Ravine/Coon Creek Ecosystem
Restoration Plan Projects
Foothill Associates 2004
December 2007

“Protection and restoration of aquatic habitat for anadromous species is one of the primary goals of the AR/CC ERP.” Fisheries Resources

The primary goal of SARSAS is to return Salmon and Steelhead runs to the Auburn Ravine in the most efficient manner and in the shortest time possible.

Phase I is to create a plan to streamline the tasks so that progress can be made rapidly. Its focus is to clear a navigable waterway for fish to reach the headwaters of the Ravine.

Secondary issues such as plant communities, public outreach, water quality, and wildlife resources (as outlined in Auburn Ravine/Coon Creek ERP) will be dealt with in Phase II and only as they impact the implementation of Phase I and will receive primary attention after the navigable waterway is effected.

The task in Phase I will be as follows:

1) work with appropriate agencies to clear or modify man-made barriers, create fish ladders or channel (FR3,4) to provide a navigable waterway for fish;
2) determine how far up ravine fish currently travel and begin initial clearing of barriers at that point (FR6);
3) restore stream beds where anadromous fish spawn (FR6,7);
4) implement a functional beaver management program to expedite fish passage;
5) conduct fish count and spawning survey (FR1,4,5);
6) address obvious water pollution (FR5); and
7) address mixing of water of different temperature, Penstock to Wise Powerhouse/American River/Newcastle Canal, into Auburn Ravine as it impacts fish
8) create a collaborative coalition of agencies and non-governmental agencies, students and volunteers to do the needed work.

Initial Organizational Steps:

Affiliate with American Basin Council of Watersheds (completed January 2007);

Affiliate with Dry Creek Conservancy and work under its auspices (completed on November 14, 2007 – See Dry Creek Conservancy Minutes, Modified Meeting);

Meet with various organizations to solicit support and funding i.e.
Placer Union High School District, Richard Gresham, Placer CRCD (completed), Ron Nelson of NID, James Navicky of DFG, Katie Burdick of CABY, Elizabeth Soderstrom of American Rivers, Edmund Sullivan and Loren Clark, Placer Legacy, Janice Forbes,

Continuing planning meetings with Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt asking for support and direction (completed November 26, 2007 and additional meeting scheduled for December 17, 2007 and March 4, 2008 and May 11, 2008, with Mr. Weygandt, Loren Clark and Edmund Sullivan of Placer Legacy);
Conversation on November 27, 2007, with Auburn City Councilman asking for and receiving his support;
Meeting with Janice Forbes, Sierra Business Council for January 8, 2008.
Addressing Auburn City Council, February 11, 2008, asking for support.
Meeting with PlacerUHSD teachers on March 14, 2008, to connect teachers and students to the Auburn Ravine

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