Sunday, December 9, 2012

Salmon Sighing in Auburn Ravine, 11:30 am, Today, December 8, 2012, Quarter Mile Downstream from Hemphill Dam near Turkey Creek Golf Course,upstream from Lincoln, CA

Ramon Gonzalez and Gary Crowder of TCGC and I were exploring Auburn Ravine while repairing fences on Turkey Creek property, I was walking downstream near a large pool. They were upstream and spooked a 3 feet Chinook salmon that swam right by me downstream into the deep pool. Ramon had a camera but did not see or get a pic of the salmon. Salmon had white markings of deterioration on his dorsal fin.

The great news is Fall Run Chinook are still coming up Auburn Ravine.  SARSAS Board Member John Ravine, who monitors fish runs, believes there are also a Spring Run/Winter Runs in Auburn Ravine because on March 23, 2009, three fish biologists spotted a large salmon under Fowler Bridge above 4 miles upstream from Lincoln.  Habitat and temperature are certainly right for at least Fall/Winter and Spring Run Chinook.


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