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This year is the second annual Calling Back the Salmon Celebration whose purpose is to connect our community with the effort to return salmon and steelhead to the 33 mile length of the Auburn Ravine. Our community, individuals and businesses, are asked to rally behind the effort to return anadromous fishes to the Auburn Ravine, which flows from Auburn through Lincoln to the Sacramento River at Verona. Lincoln has two beautiful parks for viewing salmon/steelhead runs in the fall of each year. In addition to the natural beauty and miracle of fishes, after swimming up to 2500 miles to mature from three to five years in the Pacific Ocean, returning to the place of their birth, imagine the economic benefit to Lincoln and Auburn of turning our cities into a major spawning center with tourists coming to see the miracle, staying in the city and spending money during their stay. The business community will profit just as much as the residents and tourists.

The Indian community performed the Spiritual Blessing during the CBTSC last year and two weeks later the salmon had returned to Lincoln after years of absence. This year the leadership of the Indian community, in order to make more pure the Spiritual Blessing, has asked to separate the Blessing from any commercial activities.

In compliance with that request, the Spiritual Blessing with be held on Sunday, September 18, 2011, from 8 to 10:30 am at the Auburn Ravine behind McBean Pavilion here at McBean Park. Please return on Sunday to take part in this magnificent and powerful Spiritual Blessing to call back the salmon.

Salmon are as resilient and adaptive as
humans; when they can no longer adapt,
neither can mankind. They need our

To get additional information or to become a sponsor, contact Kelly Velasco at 916 434 2759 or email her at

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