Monday, March 14, 2011

The SARSAS 300 Club - 300 People each Donating $300 in 2011

If you would like to donate money to support the SARSAS effort, you might consider becoming part of the 2011 300 Club. Our goal is to encourage 300 people to sign up to donate $300 during the year. Have your bank send $25 each month, $50 for six months, or a one time donation of $300 or whatever combination is easiest for you, and

send your tax deductible donation to

SARSAS, PO Box 4269, Auburn, CA95604. The SARSAS tax exempt number is 80-0291680.

Your donation will help SARSAS operate during 2011 and, if we make the 300 donations goal, will go toward funding at least two fish screens on the Auburn Ravine to help returning salmon and steelhead survive their voyages back to the Pacific Ocean where they can spend three to five years maturing before returning to the Auburn Ravine.

If you know of large donors or estates to donate, call Jack at 530 888 0281.

One of the goals of SARSAS is to make Auburn, CA, a rare town in California with salmon spawning within the city limits at Auburn School Park and Ashford Park.

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