Thursday, April 15, 2010

SARSAS and Calling Back the Salmon Celebration, October 23, 2010

Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead Inc. (SARSAS), an all-volunteer 501C3 Non-profit, public benefit corporation, is doing with one stream, the Auburn Ravine, what must be done to all streams and rivers on the entire West Coast and that is to make the entire thirty–three mile length of the Auburn Ravine, starting in Auburn, flowing through Ophir and Lincoln and emptying into the Sacramento River at Verona, navigable for anadromous fishes.
The health and well-being of salmon and steelhead is directly linked to that of people. If we improve the health and well-being of anadromous fish, we improve the health and well-being of mankind and therefore ourselves.
Salmon are as resilient and adaptable as humans; when anadromous fishes can no longer adapt, neither can mankind. They need our help … now … and when we help them, we are really helping ourselves.
SARSAS is sponsoring the Calling Back the Salmon Celebration (CBTSC) in Lincoln, which will be held in McBean Park in the heart of Lincoln on the Auburn Ravine on Saturday, October 23, 2010. The all-day event is chaired by Stan Nader, SARSAS Board Member and former Lincoln City Councilman and School Board Member, who lives in Lincoln. To become a sponsor or a volunteer to help with CBTSC or to ask questions, contact Stan at 916 300 4335 or email him at SARSAS urges local businesses and agencies to become Sponsors at any level (See CBTSC Flyer).
The mission of the SARSAS CALLING BACK THE SALMON CELEBRATION is to stimulate a collaborative relationship between our community, the Auburn Ravine Community of Auburn and Lincoln, and groups and government organizations to educate and engage all to the importance of returning the salmon and steelhead runs to the Auburn Ravine. The presence of healthy salmon and steelhead in a healthy Auburn Ravine is a nexus to a healthy community and environment.

SARSAS wishes to promote student and community Stream Teams, Salmon/steelhead and Watershed Stewards. Potential activities for these groups include tree planting, monitoring water quality, monitoring plant, survival, educational outreach such as raising anadromous fishes in the classroom and planting them in the Auburn Ravine, fish counts, observing fish morphology and other aquatic life beneficial and harmful to fishes.

Working collaboratively SARSAS wishes to develop partnerships with agencies, environmental organizations and, most of all, with individual members and groups of the Auburn Ravine community and promote Auburn Ravine community participation in local water quality and fish and wildlife enhancement and educational outreach programs.
Many activities are planned at the Calling Back the Salmon Celebration. Activities for Children include a Salmon Run(footrace), Treasure hunt Climbing Wall, Pony Rides, Face Painting, Carnival Games with a SARSAS bent, Crafts Projects (Painting, drawing, ceramics), and Watershed model interactive display.
Activities for Everyone include Multiple Musical Presentations including
Loping Wolf Flute Circle Dan Dicicco, Local Folk music performers and Commercial and non-profit vendors and informational displays. The CBTSC has something for everyone so come, learn and enjoy.
Local Indigenous People will be calling back the salmon and steelhead in numerous traditional ways throughout the day and in days leading up to the Celebration. The Auburn Ravine was the main stream for catching salmon and steelhead for Indigenous People for centuries. Salmon and steelhead were a major food source. Local Indigenous power will be added to the effort to call back salmon at the Celebration. SARSAS is delighted that Local Indigenous People are adding their strength and traditional insights and ways of returning the fishes to the Auburn Ravine. The Auburn Ravine is filled with evidence of the close relationship Indigenous People had the Auburn Ravine over the centuries.
Most important for the people of the Auburn Ravine Community is to come to the McBean Park on Saturday, October 23, 2010, and take part in the Calling Back the Salmon Celebration to learn what SARSAS is doing to return salmon and steelhead to the Auburn Ravine and to become part of that most enjoyable, uplifting and necessary local effort.

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