Friday, November 6, 2009

How SARSAS Will Return Salmon to the Auburn Ravine, Part 3

Analysis of AR, SECTION 3, Rabe------- WHAT WE KNOW

A. There is one barrier on this section of the Ravine. It's popular name is the Gold Hill Dam. This is a formidable dam with no possibility of fish passage in its current configuration. There is a large canal at the dam site on the south side of the Auburn Ravine.
We know this dam will require a retrofit of some type of fish ladder. We also know the canal will require screening. NID has stated they are planning for these needs.

B. We know this section of the Auburn Ravine has the highest quality spawning beds and rearing environment. This is based on previously reported data as well as direct observation. We know best steelhead spawning beds are above the Gold Hill Dam (See Appendix D report) We know by reading the PCWA temperature charts that this section has excellent year round temperature required by trout, salmon and steelhead. We know by DF&G reports there are healthy populations of trout and steelhead in this section. Further, we observe large quantities of fry although we do not know what those fry may be.
We know this section has excellent water quality.

C. We know this section of the Auburn Ravine had significant numbers of salmon and steelhead prior to the late 1980'S. DF&G reports. Further, we have talked with reliable sources who witnessed significant numbers of, "stacked" salmon in pools all along this section of the Auburn Ravine. Observations span the period 1958-1988. Some spoke joyously about how they used pitchforks to catch salmon while a number spoke of, "blowing them out of the water with their shotguns"

D. We know there are Beaver within this section but they rarely build dams.

E We know there are land owners willing to have restoration projects on their property within this section of the Auburn Ravine.

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